Why You Should Insure Your Trip Before Travelling

People often tend to be miser when it comes to travelling. They try to get the best deals possible and minimize their expenses so that they have to shell out as little money as possible. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, and in fact I would advise everyone to do the same, we shouldn’t let ourselves not factor the risks associated with travelling.

Especially if you are travelling to some far off place or any place where there might even a bit of risk (adventure tourism spots), you shouldn’t mind getting yourself and your trip insured, so that you are prepared for the worst case scenario. Though travel insurance is not yet popular in most countries, the benefits associated with it cannot be done away with. One has to take in account the fact that it can provide you a sense of relief for your travel, by covering you for all the costs that might be incurred by you during your travel.

Most travelers are supposedly unaware of this, as they cruise on their trips without even remotely considering the thought of getting a travel insurance, possibly thinking that nothing can go wrong while travelling. For such people, I would advise delving into some of the facts published by credible sources that cite various incidences (both minor and major) that end up impacting the lives of people and have the power of wrecking them financially.

If you want to save yourself the trouble later on, you should not step out to travel without getting your travel insured. In fact with crime rates and horror stories of robbery, theft and other crimes targeting travelers in most countries are coming to the fore, it is only foolhardy not to consider these things well in advance.

What would happen if you were robbed of all your cash? What would you do then? Or god forbid you end up injuring yourself on your trip but do not have the money to meet the expenses? Who would cater to your financial needs then? Don’t think that these are far off cases and cannot happen with you.

There are plenty of travelers that think the same and end up repenting for the rest of their lives. Before it’s too late and you cannot do something about it, insure your trip before you step out for your next vacation.


  1. I agree, although you want to pay as little for insurance as possible you need to make sure you are fully covered. Another example is when buying car insurance, always make sure that you have access to courtesy car should yours be involved in an accident. If not you could be left without a car for several weeks while yours is repaired or replaced.
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