Which Mobiles Fetch the Most Money on Recycle Sites?

It’s becoming a common practice nowadays for users to change their mobile phones due to constant technology updations and rising incomes. Because mobile phones are rapidly being upgraded, most people find themselves with a phone they no longer have use for or they don’t want to use anymore due to their desire for better phones in the offering.

With the advent of a number of online recycle sites, you can earn extra money by recycling your phone. Phone recycling also contributes to green living because disposing phones in rubbish can expose the environment to the toxic substances found in phones.

You will find that there are many UK based websites that trade as mobile phone recycling shops. To get the most out of your unwanted device, compare prices.  Submit your phone to different sites to see how much they are willing to pay for your phone. Most online recycle site use the same procedure.   You will be required to enter your phone model and automatically receive a quote.  A phone like LG KC910 Renoir can earn you £85 while some other model may fetch you other prices depending on a number of factors.

Your phone must be in good condition to earn you a decent amount. Mobile recycling companies will review the phone after you post it to them.  They check things like battery condition and scratches on the outer cover. If your phone is rejected you will get a reduced price or it will be returned to you. It will then be up to you to decide whether you want to recycle it or keep it as it as in your house, although the latter only ends up adding to the already increasing pile of trash in our homes.

Mobile recycling companies pay from as little as £1 to £200.  ButiPads, Galaxies, iPhones and other smartphones are much more sophisticated devices; therefore, they can be traded for as much as £400. If you want, you can buy a new mobile phone here.

Just a few words of advice though. Don’t forget to delete all your personal information before posting your phone. It will also work for your advantage if you post your phone by insured mailing since it is easy for postages to get lost.  This way you will be reimbursed if your phone is lost.

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