The leaders in True Sense – Finding Their Own Path And Leading It

In this technology driven era, starting up a new business and building it to the heights of success might seem to be a feasible approach but there are certain business kings who have been through the failures before they became successful enough to rule the entire world. They have dealt with their fair share of hardships as they did not have the adequate tools, knowledge or guidance in life to initiate their business with the fool proof plan charts in the hand. Neither had they had the success stories of the other business leaders to look up to and learn from their idol’s mistakes.


The real rulers of business world

Starting a business from scratch without having any reference in the business world is certainly not an easy task. Some of them had the required qualification while others just have an idea in their mind to make search their own identification and leave their mark in the lives of people through their innovative thinking. However, the common thing that they all possessed was a passion for the triumph and they indeed made it in their lifetime and even after by creating the success stories in the books of business for the aspirants to get inspirations from. Here are some of the astounding philosophies given by the great business minds depicting the extracts of their business experience and thus leading a path for the younger generation.

  • Steve Jobs

The man who brought a revolution in the communication industry and showed the people innovative and trendy ways to commune as well as entertain themselves had a great vision for the technology and seemingly appeared to be a complicated man in all his interviews who was well familiar with himself as well his ideas. He followed the simple belief to follow his heart without having to worry about any risk in life as according to him the biggest danger of life, that is, death of a person is something that is certain.

  • Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus

These two men redefined the definition of failure for all those who fear getting fired from their jobs. They literally turned their letdown point into the beginning of their success story which never allowed them to look back in their lives. By creating an association with a bunch of people who have failed in their respective fields, they created a Home Depot business that later turned out to be a venture that is worth more than 30 billion dollars. They followed the only philosophy to extract the best from what others consider wastage to achieve success in life.

  • Tony Hseih

Who says that to achieve success one need to gain a particular level of education or age? The man who initiated the idea of delivering happiness to the aspiring business models started his journey of passion and profits at the mere age of nine years old. When his initial business of worm farm failed, he shuffled between many business ideas right from the publishing of newsletters to be sold among his classmates to operating the garage sales and all this was done by him even before he passed out his high school. His zeal and hard work needed no degree as by the age of 24 years, he had his own company LinkExchange which he sold off to the renowned business house Microsoft for a purchase price of 265 million dollars. Later, he moved on to join Zappos where he created a company that serves the business houses with the mantra of infusing happiness to their ventures. His thrive to take risks and create something that would provide him satisfaction is what lead him on the journey of success.

Sien Charlotte is an independent thinker and freelance writer. She thinks that every leader has a different story but same enthusiasm to make something out of his/her life that lead them to become what they are today for the world. She wants to achieve a position like Ron Hovsepian that has made them the celebrities not only for their lifetime but even after that.


  1. Those are some very powerful and influential people you listed there. It’s important to learn as much as possible from people like this because they can teach us some valuable lessons. I personally admire what Steve Jobs did. He had quite the imagination, but then also had the drive to make that imagination a reality.
    Jake Erickson recently posted…Weekly Recap – May 17th, 2013My Profile

  2. I am trying to build my own business, my little blog, and not a business empire but one of the same things that keep people from starting any kind of a business is fear. People (me) are afraid to take chances – not because they are worried about losing money but because they are afraid of failure and being seen as a failure.

    Many of the greatest business leaders have many failures under their belts and my blog and its tiny readership may not succeed but I am tired of living my life being afraid of things and I will succeed or fall on my butt but I am NOT afraid of failing.
    Jane Savers @ Solving The Money Puzzle recently posted…People Shaming – The Money EditionMy Profile

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for dropping by. It’s great to see that you realize your situation and are trying your level best to take on the challenge and meet your obstacles head on. More than winning or losing, it’s about taking calculated risks and giving it all your all. More often that not, you’re going to succeed. Good luck!

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