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If you’re a blogger, webmaster, small business owner or even a freelancer who thrives on the income generated through online pursuits, you might be able to understand the irritation caused when a client wants an invoice to be sent instead of making the payment directly. At such times, you must have felt the need for an easy and reliable online invoice generator that generate an invoice within minutes, without any hassles at all.

This is what Zoho invoice generator does. Combined with a clean layout and an extremely intuitive invoice template, the online software makes it a breeze to generate any invoice within minutes. In fact I only came to know about it recently. Until then, I used to search for any random invoice generator and somehow managed to create decent looking invoices, after a rather cumbersome process of sifting through many choices.

Zoho online invoice generator

Zoho helps you create, send and manage your invoices online, without the need to download any complex software. With its invoice system, not only can you accept payments online from your clients but also manage all the payments and track them effectively. The best part about it is that it allows you to create elegant and sophisticated invoices within minutes, thanks to its pre-built templates that you just select and use. You can even customize it in the format you want in order to make it better if you want.

Another great feature with the Zoho online invoice generator is its automatic invoice reminders, something that becomes extremely useful for those who have a tendency to forget sending their invoices on time. You can configure auto reminders in the program and follow up on each and every individual invoice manually as well, specifying the days after which they have to be sent and the person whom you want to send it to too!

Finally, although it is a boon to all freelancers, the service is only free up to 5 customers and 1 user, after which you can opt for the standard package which comes at a price of $15 per month, allowing up to 500 customers and 3 users. There’s also an unlimited package called Professional that costs $30 per month and as the name suggests, allows you to manage unlimited customers and users.


  1. John William says:

    Nice Read!
    I would like to introduce one more useful invoicing tool here i.e. Invoicera. One may create invoices in minutes using Invoicera.
    It allows you to create and send unlimited invoices to your clients.

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