Taking Steps to Abolish Cultural and Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

discriminationBias in the workplace comes in a number of different forms, with cultural and gender discrimination being two of the most common complaints among employees. Despite progressing over the past few decades, discrimination is still a common phenomenon.

While employers are unable to control the thoughts and opinions of the people in their workforce, it is an employer’s responsibility to take steps to abolish discrimination. So, how exactly can managers prevent discrimination amongst their employees, and if it does rear its ugly head, how should it be handled?


 In 2010, it was made possible for employers to reject male job applications in favour of women – even if they are no more qualified than their male counterparts. Employers are able to choose candidates with protected characteristics if they are underrepresented in the industry or are at a disadvantage because of that characteristic.


You can provide cross cultural training for your employees to ensure they understand the importance of diversity and are less likely to be discriminative. By creating harmony between employees, your organisation is more likely to be engaged and productive.


 It is important that your company or organisation has some sort of discrimination policy in place. This guidance will inform your employees about what is and isn’t allowed in the workplace as well as what is expected of them.

The policy should be written in line with the relevant legislation and explained thoroughly.

 Workshops and groups

 In order to encourage both cultural and gender diversity in the workplace, get your employees to work together in mixed groups. This not only gets people to work in a team, but it also gives managers the opportunity to see potential amongst minorities that wouldn’t ordinarily apply for leadership roles.

Complaints process

 Discrimination is something that still happens, so no matter how much effort you put into abolishing it from the workplace you must still have a suitable procedure in place for when it does occur.

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