Solutions For Corporate Buildings

Any physical location of a business or company has to be furnished with the proper signage. Professional signs should be appealing and functional. Additionally, signs should present a company in a favorable and attractive way. The entrance to a building should have grand signs that not only welcome visitors but also make a strong statement. There are companies that specialize in the design, production and installation of commercial quality signs for buildings that house businesses and corporations.

Signs that are installed outdoors should be weatherproof and have very durable qualities. The name of a company should be prominently displayed several feet above a large entrance that may include multiple sliding doors or revolving doors. The signs could have special designs that are compatible with internal illumination technology. The housing of the signs are made of high quality material such as acrylic or some sort of plastic. These materials are transparent enough to allow internal light to pass through to the outside. The inside of signs have an array of powerful lights that emit specific colors according to a company’s theme. Therefore, the color of an exterior sign can be manipulated based on the lighting fixtures that are housed inside. On special occasions, an external sign can be illuminated with colors such as red or blue. During normal business hours, the sign can have a neutral professional appearance with a cool daylight color.

In addition to displaying company names, buildings should have numbers displayed very clearly. The letters and numbers usually indicate the official address of a building. These signs rarely have internal lighting fixtures. Instead, numbers are usually illuminated by landscape lights that are installed right near the signs. The landscape lights focus very bright illumination directly onto the reflective surface of signs that consist of numbers for address identification purposes.

Some outdoor signs can be made of heavy duty metal material that is similar to the structure of buildings. Certain signs can be erected upright along rooftops or walkways leading to a building. Corporate signage by Priority Sign is an example of a professional service that installs signs for commercial buildings.

Internal signs are usually used to provide guidance through the hallways and levels of a large building. The signs are usually posted along walls in order to identify certain areas of a building. Indoor signs have traditional placard designs that are made of aluminum, plastic or solid wood.

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