Small Investments That Never Pay Off

Your ultimate goal when investing money is making more money, plain and simple. Naturally, you may want this money to buy a house, to pay for your upcoming vacations, or any other purpose on your mind. Here the fact is that many times one does not have enough money for large investments and make a decision on small ones. While there are a few good investing options you can try, be aware that some other small investments never pay off.

Investing in Technology

Whether for personal or business purposes, you may think that investing in technology is a great idea. In today’s world everything seems to spin around technology gadgets, gizmos and devices. However either to resale those items or using them, these items depreciate faster than any other item you could buy, in example, fine furniture. Reason is simple, technology is evolving at a fast pace and what is new and top-notch today, tomorrow is behind the actual trends.

Borrowing to Invest

Perhaps one of the worst decisions that you can make is borrowing money to invest in mutual funds, stocks, or any other financial instrument that pay high dividends. Of course, if you want to put your savings or part of your salary into such investment, go ahead being aware of the risks associated to such investments. However, if your idea is funding the investment with payday loans or other types of loans, you may not only lose the money with the fluctuations of a volatile investment market, but still be dragging a debt that may go out of control due to high interest rates.

Playing with Emergency

You may or may not have an emergency fund, yes, that stash of money that you set aside to cover unexpected expenses. Although, once again payday loans are sometimes seen as the best option to cope with unexpected expenses, you might be saving money with the sole purpose to use it in emergency case, but avoid the temptation to use this money for small investments even if they look promising.

Investing in Games of Chance

Never ever do games of chance pay off and should not be considered small investments. However, many people put their money into them hoping to get good returns. However, betting is not an investment option, but just a chimera that lures you with the empty promise to make you a millionaire. Remember, all of these small investments never pay off.


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