Sales Dragging? 5 Simple Ways to Develop Customer Loyalty

The heart of any business is customer loyalty. Everything else comes after this. Customer loyalty starts with human connections, and it is a relationship that must be nurtured by giving extraordinary service to the customers who are loyal to your company. Everyone enjoys a pleasant experience, and your clients want to see that you do care about their problems and concerns. They want to feel appreciated and know that they make a difference to your business.


The secret of good sales and having a solid business is keeping those customers coming back and maintaining their loyalty to your business. Below are five ways you can develop strong customer loyalty.

1. Give Customers a Personal Touch

Always connect with your customers and potential prospects on a personal basis. People do business with those they trust so you want them to see that you truly care for them. Be helpful and cheery to anyone entering your store or website. People take heart to their experiences and will return to those that made them feel good. It can be the way you greet them, smile or answer the phone. Always keep your relationships on a first name basis.

2. Keep Your Promises

Always focus on solving the problems for the customer and keep any promises you make to them. Let them know you are reliable, and if you tell them you will fill their order on Monday, make sure you do! If anything goes wrong, let the customer know as soon as possible and compensate them if they are inconvenienced. This will help you build credibility in the eyes of your customers who might come back again for more business.

3. Good Customer Feedback

Always seek feedback, and talk to your customers on a regular basis to find out what makes them buy your products. Ask them if you need to change anything that would make their life easier. Listen to them, and allow them to make suggestions. Follow-up with your customers after you send them surveys. Their customer satisfaction survey feedback can give you a lot of valuable information. What your customers say about your business can be the most important thing you hear. Another option is using a Mindshare platform that allows you to monitor and analyze your customer feedback so you can automatically make the improvements needed to increase customer loyalty which in turn builds sales.

4. Be Convenient for Your Customers

Always make it easy for your customers to reach you in order to do business with you. Know what your clients need, and keep items in stock they regularly order. Throw in some products that complement the other products they purchase. Make sure they have your contact information by giving them your email, cell phone number, live chat, MSN address and all your other contact information so that you can respond to them in a timely manner.

5. Follow-Up with Customers

Make a strong commitment to follow up with your current and prospective customers. The way to strengthen your business relationship and build loyalty is through communication and follow-up. Call the customers after a product is delivered and ask them if they got what they expected, and ask if they are completely satisfied. This can go a long way when trying to build sales. The customer will feel more confident and know they can trust you.

When you deliver the kind of performance the customer needs on a consistent basis, you will find you repeat your business, increase your sales and build customer loyalty.


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