The Benefits of Emerging Market Balanced Funds

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Excel Funds’ interest in emerging markets has never been greater, with billions of dollars in profit being generated globally per annum. Emerging markets continue to be an important component of well-diversified portfolios. Investment in emerging … [Continue reading]

Extra Cash Series: Get Paid to Take Surveys


There are a plethora of money making opportunities on the internet which is the reason why we come across hundreds of rags to riches stories ever so often. While they all differ according to the tasks they entail and each one requires a different set … [Continue reading]

Taking Charge of Your Financial Life

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With so much going on in our lives at any given point, it can feel like a burden to manage all of it. Not only do we lose track of the important things that we need to focus on because of it, we also let our lives run on auto mode, going with the … [Continue reading]

IRA and 401k Plans Explained

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The time to start thinking about retirement is just before 30, maybe even earlier if you can manage it. When we’re young, we tend to believe that we are invincible. As we age, we realize how short life actually is. In the interest of helping you plan … [Continue reading]

3 Ways to Save Money Towards a Mortgage


With the economy recovering steadily after the debacle of 2008 and income in a majority of sectors rising nicely, it's as good a time as any to start working on your financial goals and improve on any areas that may require your attention. Although … [Continue reading]

How to Treat Bestselling Products the Right Way?


Most of the online businesses use Magento platform to create stores so I will discuss about them here. Each customer that makes a click on your Magento store’s homepage is determined to fill in his cart with the trendiest goods to make all his … [Continue reading]

Taking Steps to Abolish Cultural and Gender Discrimination in the Workplace


Bias in the workplace comes in a number of different forms, with cultural and gender discrimination being two of the most common complaints among employees. Despite progressing over the past few decades, discrimination is still a common … [Continue reading]

Top 3 Advantages of Business Incorporation

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When you talk about business incorporation, most people start deliberating over whether incorporating would be the right step for them or not. This is mainly because most of them are confused whether to go for corporations or LLCs as both are … [Continue reading]

Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

retirement planning mistakes

Retirement planning is a topic that more and more people are getting interested in lately, especially over the last few years. This is not only due to more awareness about this subject thanks to the multitude of financial blogs, magazines, channels … [Continue reading]

P2P Lending: The Technological Innovation That Is Allowing Everyday People To Bypass The Banks

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It’s been almost seven years since the Global Financial Crisis swept with devastating effects through the entire world. While we have had “recoveries”, “upturns and downturns”, unemployment and newly created jobs, the fact remains that it is still … [Continue reading]