How to Make Money With Hosting Programs

There are a number of ways of making money online but most people only tend to focus on blogging and nothing else. However the smarter ones are literally minting money with a variety of hosting programs.

Though you need to take care of a few things initially and spend a good amount of time & effort, the journey can be quite rewarding as you can make lots of cash if you are able to get a hang of it.

So how exactly do you make money with hosting programs? Well, there are a couple of ways of doing that, check them out below:

1. Hosting Affiliate

As a Hostgator affiliate myself, I can vouch for the fact that this can be a very easy and hassle-free method of making money only if you are able to convince people to buy a hosting package. The commissions are very good, ranging from $50 in Hostgator to $65 in Bluehost. Even if you manage to get 5-10 people to sign up, you can make a decent amount of money every month.

Make Money with Hosting

The best way to promote hosting packages is by referring your friends by convincing them to start a blog. If you uncomfortable doing that, you can alternatively start a blog or website and put up various affiliate links and banners at various places on your website. If some of your blog visitors would sign up for hosting, you would get the commissions.

2. Get a Reseller Account

Another great way of making consistently every month is to become a reselling agent by purchasing a reseller account that allows you to sell web hosting on behalf of your web hosting provider and keeping all of the profits in your pocket. Although this is more suited for experienced webmasters who can consistently deliver a decent volume of hosting signups, you could try your hands at it and who knows you might be able to make a handsome living out of it.

You could even consider starting an offline business to sell hosting packages. Just setup an office somewhere or even a home office and start by web hosting plans to the people you know. Once you build some credibility, many people would contact you themselves and you can start making money consistently by selling shared hosting plans for whatever price you want.


  1. Nice post Harshit. These hosting companies are really a great way to make some money and they are often being used by most of the affiliate marketers to generate revenue.
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