Make Money By Selling Your Hair Online

Sell Hair OnlineDo you have long, beautiful and healthy hair that you want to sell and earn some money?

Though you must have heard of many ways of making money online, there is one more rather innovative way of making money as well, and that is by selling your hair. This could be a very good of making money since instead of getting a haircut, you could just sell the extra hair and your hair would grow back soon anyway. What could be a better way of making money than that!

Although it’s a method that is still in its infancy, it could very soon turn into a lucrative business for many, as there is a huge market out there and the demand for wigs made out of real human hair is very high. People are ready to pay huge amounts since hair is a commodity that once gone, cannot be regenerated and not everyone is blessed with naturally good-looking and healthy hair.

Though you can’t expect thousands of dollars for your locks, generally 10 inches of your hair (which is pretty much the standard) would fetch you anywhere between $500 onwards. If your hair is exceptionally maintained, or has some speciality, then you can earn much more, $1000 or more. Also since buyers tend to prefer Virgin hair that is natural and not chemically treated, you should not bleach or dye your hair.

Before you get started, you have to take good care of your hair and make sure that they are in good shape. Clean, trim and wash your hair regularly and condition them from time to time to ensure they remain healthy and strong. Also stay away from anything that is detrimental to your hair.

How to Get Started?

There are many websites that allow you to list your hair for sale. These sort of sites do a great job of connecting hair buyers with sellers, and make it easy for you to sell your hair.

A couple of popular hair classifieds sites are Hairwork and Online Hair Affair. A recently started website called BuySellHair is also a good place to get started. However you will have to pay an amount initially in order for your ad to be listed on their website.

While Hairwork charges $20 for a 3 month ad, I don’t think it is worth it since their interface is rather old-fashioned and I doubt if you would find any buyers. However you could try BuySellHair as it is gaining in popularity quite a lot these days and they charge a reasonable amount too. You only need to $7.95 to put up your ad on their website for full 90 days, and you are much more likely to find a buyer there.

Good luck selling your hair!

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