Investing In The Internet

Yahoo investor relations are at an all time high even with the recent trouble that they got into when they were caught implanting a piece of malware in Firefox users in order to direct computers towards the Yahoo web browser and search engine page. Why is this? Yahoo, among many other companies, have learned the secret of the Internet: The consumer is hardly the final say on anything. It is the investor, not the consumer, who makes all of the decisions online.


If you talk to any consumer, they would likely tell you that most large Internet companies owe their allegiance to the customer. This may be true of smaller companies, but the large companies who control connection pathways and visibility online such as Yahoo and Google have long since passed the threshold for caring what the individual on the street thinks. These companies know that they control the minds of the consumer because the consumer does not have the time to fight any decision that they would make on behalf of the general public. Only the investor has the time to say anything at all.

This means that big companies on the Internet are only interested in investors. This also means that if you want to have a say on the Internet in the future, then you have to vote with your dollars, quite literally, as your say doesn’t hold any value in the current scheme of things. Even though smaller companies might be willing to listen to your needs and pay heed to your choices, these bigger companies do not care about this small stuff!

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