Investing in Old Classic Cars

Savings and investments are the key factors that generate revenues and promote growth. However, the recent economic crisis has resulted in a great loss of wealth to many people. Investment is very difficult to manage. Many people prefer to earn through interest rate than by taking risk on other investments.

In year 2011, the classic cars rate of return was much higher as compared to returns on equity or gold. Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI) found that classic car profit rose by 20% back in 2011, while the return on gold remained only 10%.

The important feature of this market is that it is not affected by other sectors of the economy. The decrease in property prices and other factors do not affect the old vehicle prices. The main reason for insulation from international market is due to the niche market segment these car targets. Majority of classic cars range for more than $100,000 and the buyers are not affected by inflation or any other factors.

However, there are number of factors like scratches, car paint deterioration that might even result in depreciation of your classic car.


Investing in old cars is not like investing in stocks. There are number of factors that you have to consider before investing in this business. The scratch price of your car might be very low but the heart price of remains usually high. Eighty five percent of the clients know that their desired car is not worth it, but they do buy it.

Getting a good price requires a lot of hard work. Not all of the cars can go for auction. If you own classic brand like Mercedes, Rolls Royce etc, you might end up in finding an extremely rich buyer. However, it may take some time to find the right consumer for your car. Just remember that the long you wait to sell your car, the more you have a chance that you will find a good buyer.

Try to find the buyers that have sentimental attachment. Such buyer can pay you a lot of money if he is extremely rich. Do not make a mistake of showing your car to a local dealer. There are many online sites where you can market your car. If the buyer lives in another city, you can made arrangements for car shipping. Many auto transportation companies are operating that ensures safe transfer of your vehicle.

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