How to Make Money by Uploading Files

Make Money Uploading FilesMillions of people around the world download a variety of files from popular downloading websites on the internet everyday. So why not make use of this opportunity and make money uploading files. What could be a better way of making some recurring cash than to upload a file which you think people will always be interested in!

How Does This Work?

Just look for file that ‘you own’ and make sure it is not copyrighted or you might get into trouble sooner or later. Once you have identified such files, all you need to do is to upload them on one of the file downloading websites that pay you according to the number of times your files have been downloaded by users.

This does seem quite easy, isn’t it? However you should also work hard initially to promote the files you have uploaded by telling your friends on Facebook, Twitter & other social networking sites and even engaging in discussions in online forums and promoting your files there.¬†Once your file becomes viral, people will keep downloading them and you will keep earning recurring money every month.

So what kind of files should you upload? If you want to stay safe and still make money by uploading files, you can create an ebook or a course of some kind or a video, and watermark it preferably so that others can’t steal your work. If you are good at any language, any particular skill etc., you can easily make use of your talent. Even if you don’t have much talent in any field, you can still get a product created by outsourcing the work and then uploading it.

The amount of money you will earn depends on many factors, including the size of the file, the countries to which people downloading your file belong and so on. These websites generally pay more for downloads from developed countries such as US, UK, Australia etc., while the pay rate for traffic from Asian countries is quite low.

How to Get Started?

Once you have something to upload, just visit any of the popular file uploading websites such as Uploading, Easy-Share, DepositFiles or FileServe. The payout rate ranges from up to $30-$40 per 1000 downloads, plus an extra cut for your referrals. The minimum payout also ranges from $15 to $20, and payment is generally made through a variety of options such as AlertPay, Webmoney, Wiretransfer and Paypal.

Final Advice: Please don’t upload any copyrighted material as it may lead to piracy issues. A lot of websites are being taken down for this, so stay use and upload your own work.

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