How Should Companies Defend Themselves Against the IRS

Many companies are in need of help when it comes time to file their tax return, defend themselves against the IRS or deal with issues that are already present with the IRS. There are also times when the IRS can bring legal action against the company and there must be a vigorous defense for the company so that a fair resolution can be had for both parties.

When seeking out a tax lawyer, every company has to consider their position with their current taxes and perhaps unpaid taxes. There are companies that believe that they can simply set up a payment plan and get on with business, but this is not always the case. Plus, having an attorney and CPA on the job may be the only way for the company to wade through the muck of a forensic audit and setting up payments or challenging the IRS altogether.

When a company wants to go to battle with the IRS and challenge their tax liability, it is unwise to do so without any assistance. Tax attorneys are able to read through the terms of any old payment contracts, help to set up new payment contracts and check every part of the business for deductions and write-offs that may have been missed in the past.

The harsh reality is that the IRS is interested only in getting its money. Plus, it has incredible power to garnish wages, levy bank accounts and take other actions that they can to get their money. However, a tax attorney is able to step in and defend a company or individual against the advances of the IRS until a thorough audit and assessment have been completed. It is at this point that a tax attorney can advise the company or individual on how to proceed. This assistance helps to ensure that the IRS only gets what it is owed and does not overstep its bounds.

Working with a tax attorney helps people and companies to lower their tax bills and steer clear of trouble with the IRS.

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