How Was Godaddy Started And Sustained

When Bob Parsons decided to set up, he knew that he needed to design a site for the modern world. He was going to be selling the things that people needed to create their own sites: To be exact, the site would sell domain names. This was the first step toward making a site, and the GoDaddy site needed to exemplify what it could do for you. In this modern industry, it had to look and function in a modern way so that people would be drawn to it.

As he considered all of this, what he was really thinking about was the art of presentation, something that has been extremely necessary in all industries for years. A company has to present itself to its potential clients and customers in the right way so that they want to buy things from that company. They have expectations and they need those things to be met just from the way that the company looks on the outside if they are ever going to consider buying the items that are for sale.

You can see this happening in a lot of different industries to get an idea of how it works. The most obvious is the music industry. Bands will often dress like the target audience – and, at the same time, the audience is going to dress like the bands. If someone is forming a punk band that wants to look “underground”, they are going to wear a lot of black. They might also go the opposite direction from their downtrodden image and wear suits and ties, all with the idea of being ironic. Either way, it connects with the audience, who is then more likely to buy the albums or go to the shows.

So how do you do this for a website that sells URLs? First, you need to consider who you are going to be selling them to, and that answer is almost always someone who wants to start a business. There are people who own personal websites just for the sake of it, but most of them have these sites to sell something, even if they are geared around hobbies. A writer will have a site to sell his novels, a painter will have one to sell his canvases, and a business that sells shoes will have one to sell shoes. They are all businesses, even though the first two are not so up front about it.

As a result, the GoDaddy site needed to be professional and easy to use. It had to give clear directions about how you could check to see if a URL was taken, for instance, and it had to walk visitors through the steps. It needed to be modern and interesting, but it had to make things easier for people.

The reason for this is that, in business, time is money. People want to get as much done as possible, in as short of a timeframe as they can. They do not want to waste time at all because that means that sales numbers are falling. They need things to be intuitive so they can get tasks done quickly. Since the GoDaddy site was set up this way, it was a huge hit and became a very popular choice for those buying URLs.

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