Getting Started Selling Insurance

If you’re the type of person who has the personality and charm required to be a salesperson, then consider going into the business of selling insurance. Whether you want to sell car insurance, life insurance, or a different type of insurance altogether, by entering into this growing and fast-paced field, you’re essentially leaving it up to yourself to determine what your income and career advancements will be. While some people shy away of careers that require commissions and successful sales in order to be successful, others find that they have a knack for this type of endeavor, and so they jump for the chance.

However, you can’t simply enter into your nearest insurance company’s office and fill out a job application. In order to sell insurance, or even talk to potential customers about insurance, you must be licensed. While the requirements for an insurance license vary from state to state, generally the basic requirement is that you must have a license, which means you must have attended some type of post-college or a continuing education school and taken courses that are specific to the insurance industry. Insurance licensing is handled by your state’s insurance commissioner, but you will need to first attend school and obtain the required certification. You should know that you’ll want to pick the type of insurance you’d like to sell — auto, health, life, worker’s, and disability are the most common ones — in order to be on the right educational course track. And, if you ever plan on moving to a different state, or if you live near another state, you’ll want to make sure you are legally licensed in those states as well — this is especially important if you plan on doing business in states other than the one you were educated and originally licensed in.

In order to obtain your insurance license, it’s best that you get your relevant education and training through an insurance license school. Your state insurance commission can provide you with a specific list of schools that provide this type of education and training, though you may be able to find out this info yourself, simply by calling around. Once you’ve found prospective schools, make a list, and then check out each school individually.

Things to look for when contemplating an insurance licensing school:

Is the coursework relevant to your specific type of insurance?

Are there flexible course schedules? Can you attend at night, during the weekends, or online?

How easy is it to get in touch with your teacher, or get hooked up with a tutor, if you have questions or are struggling to learn a particular lesson?

Is the school accredited and fully licensed to operate in your state?

What type of degree or certification does the insuring license school offer?

What type of financing is offered?

Good luck on your quest to become a licensed insurance agent! By devoting time to become fully educated and trained in the insurance selling industry, you’ll be giving yourself a head start in your choice of career.


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