Extra Cash Series: Get Paid to Take Surveys

surveysThere are a plethora of money making opportunities on the internet which is the reason why we come across hundreds of rags to riches stories ever so often. While they all differ according to the tasks they entail and each one requires a different set of skills, there is an ever popular way of making easy cash – by taking paid surveys.

Although this way of making money has been around for nearly a decade, there are very few genuine websites that you can trust to pay you for your time and efforts. Among the best that I’ve come across till date is Crowdology which has separate portals for major countries like USA and the UK. Crowdology has clients covering several types of industries, right from leading consumer brands to publishing, media and advertising companies. The surveys are mostly on behalf of companies that want to measure public opinions on a variety of subjects.

The surveys taken up by the company are mostly topical in nature, focusing on current issues. Also unlike the surveys floated by other companies that end up taking a long time to complete, Crowdology’s surveys only take around 2 to 15 minutes so you won’t need to spend a lot of time on each survey. Apart from online surveys, members can also take part in offline surveys such as telephone interviews or focus groups and stand to get additional rewards for their time and effort. The company also takes personal privacy seriously and keeps all the surveys and polls anonymous, never sharing your personal information with any other company.

As long as you’re above 18 years of age and have an internet connection and some type of phone you can sign up with the company and start earning some cool cash!

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