Does More Money Equal More Happiness? [Infographic]

Over the last few months, I’ve been ranting about the importance of saving as much as you can and going full throttle as far as maximizing your earning potential is concerned. But today I would like to discuss the decades old question – does more money equal to more happiness?

While scientists have been conducting more and more surveys recently to find the perfect answer to this question, the real answer in fact is a subjective one and depends on the opinion of the individual. Sure money eradicates most of the problems that we would be otherwise facing and while we tend to get more satisfaction as we see the money rolling into our bank accounts, but after a certain point, it all starts to seem too commonplace, for we would have gotten accustomed to seeing ourselves earn money day after day.

But it’s really naive to say that money isn’t important, since it plays a big role in our everyday lives, and our friends who are not that lucky to be living a wealthy life would be knowing it so much better than us. We’ve got a great infographic to share with our readers that encompasses all that we’ve discussed today in much more detail. Enjoy!

Money Happiness Infographic

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