7 Ways to Save Money on Your Commute

With fuel prices soaring in the last few years, it has become quite a challenge for most of us to continue using our vehicles for our everyday transport, be it the commute between office and home, or the long drives on a Saturday night with our better halves.

However that doesn’t mean we should haul our cars in our garage and keep cribbing about the lifestyle inflation that is hitting us hard. There are always ways to manage things and get out of difficult situations. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the ways that can help save money on our commute:

1. Drive at Optimum Speeds

Although speed definitely thrills, it can create a hole in your pocket as it is not at all conducive when it comes to getting the optimum fuel consumption from your vehicle. Usually the recommend speed, which range from 45-55 kmph are the best to drive at, since they help achieve better fuel economy, there you some dollars every month.

2. Switch to Alternative Fuels

When you buy your next vehicle, whichever it may be, considering going the diesel or CNG route as their prices tend to be significantly less than petrol prices. Though diesel vehicles usually cost a bit more than their petrol counterparts, they make up for it by saving you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Maintain your vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle can also save you a bit of money every month. Normal maintenance includes airing up the tires to the recommended pressure, changing the oil every few months, minimizing AC usage etc.

4. Use Credit Card Offers

Normally most credit cards are tied up to one or the other gas chain and offer some sort of cash-back or discount on buying gas from there. Check out the offers and sign up for the card that offers the best rewards.

5. Share Carpool to Work

Car pooling is a fairly new concept that has evolved in the last few years as people felt the need to conserve fuel and minimize their commute expenses as well. It basically involves sharing an automobile with people from different households who are travelling to the same place.

6. Use Public Transport

If public transport is not too far from the place where you live, you should try to maximize its usage as it can lead to some real savings at the end of each month. Not only that, at times it can be much more relaxing than having to drive home from work after a hectic day.

7. Walk/Cycle to Work

Although not many people prefer going this route, it has an added benefit of helping you stay fit apart from saving you money on your everyday commute. With so much stress and anxiety in our lives, you cannot overlook the need to take care of your health for long, so you might as well start now before it’s too late.


  1. These are great tips. Luckily, my commute is about 6 miles to and from work, so it doesn’t end up costing me too much. I really enjoy biking to work when I can because it gets me some excercise and saves me money at the same time. One thing I should probably do better is to maintain my vehicle. I like to just keep waiting until something actually breaks before I bring it in.
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