6 Ways Families Can Prepare the Elderly for Assisted Living

As the health of elderly people deteriorates, it becomes increasingly difficult for these individuals to remain in their own homes. Unfortunately, most families lack the time or skills necessary to care for their older loved ones, so a new housing situation needs to be arranged. Assisted living provides elderly people with a safe place to live, and these facilities provide activities and socialization opportunities that will help keep residents happy. Despite the advantages of assisted living, it can still be difficult for everyone involved. Here are five easy ways to help prepare your elderly loved one for assisted living.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Keep a positive attitude about the new arrangement. You may feel unhappy or guilty about moving your loved one into assisted living, but try to keep these emotions to yourself. Your loved one does not need you to make them feel worse about it. Instead, focus on the good aspects of assisted living, like the accommodations or the activities.

Help Manage Finances

Elderly people may not have their finances in order. If they do need help, help them manage their finances in order to prepare for assisted living. Help your elderly loved ones budget to pay for the assisted living, and make sure they will have enough money to pay for the facility of their choice.

Check Out the Living Arrangements Before Moving

Always visit an assisted living facility with your loved one prior to moving them in. Give them a chance to familiarize themselves with the facility and what it has to offer. Afford them opportunities to meet the staff and other residents. They could even participate in a couple of activities while you are there.

Make It Feel Like an Extension of Home

Your loved one will already be dealing with many changes when they move into assisted living, so do not make them leave everything behind. Fill their room with photographs, trinkets, and other cherished items. If they have additional belongings that will not fit into their room, put them in Irvine CA storage units. This will allow them to hold onto the things that make them happy, even if they will not be able to see them every day.

Communicate Regularly

Make sure your loved one does not feel forgotten. Regular visits and phone calls will remind them that they are loved. It will also afford you the opportunity to make sure they are adjusting well, though you may need to check with staff members regarding their progress.

Give Them Space

Regular communication is wonderful, but do not make your loved one feel smothered. It can be difficult, especially at the beginning, to resist the urge to call or visit many times in one week. You may actually interfere with your loved one’s assisted living transition. They need time to make friends and develop a new routine, which is not possible if they are constantly being interrupted by phone calls and visitors.

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