5 Tips to increase the value of your home

Making improvements to your home can have a significant impact to its overall value. These changes can be made in order to set up your home for a future sale, or can just help to build further equity and value in your property over time. You can increase value in your home in a number of ways, from decluttering space and going for a minimalist decor, through to installing wet rooms, building extensions, and investing in eco solutions. More on these value enhancing approaches to home renovation can be found below:

1 – Decluttering and Changing Your Interior Design

One of the best ways in which you can enhance the value of your home for potential buyers can be to clear out any clutter that may have built up over the years. This means sorting through attics and basements, and being ruthless with old clothes. Spending the time to declutter can also work well when combined with a renovation of your interior design to involve a more simple and neutral style. Cream and white colours, and minimalist furniture will make it easier for new buyers to make more specialist changes.

2 – Adopting Eco Solutions

Further levels of value can be added to your home by making it greener and more sustainable for the future. Estate agents can market homes with a higher eco rating, while investments in eco energy sources can reduce bills and potentially lead to changes in council tax payments. Some simple ways in which you can make your home greener include refitting old light bulbs with LED strips, as well as installing low energy faucets for showers, and low energy flushes for toilets. Other approaches can involve buying eco saving white goods for the kitchen.

3 – New Extensions and Conversions

A new extension or conversion for your home can help to make the most of available space, and can be particularly valuable if you aren’t using your garden very much. Adding in a conservatory or an orangery with blinds can create an additional room for pets and washing machines, as well as a space for gathering in the summer. Alternatively, it’s possible to convert adjoining garages into spare rooms if not being used for cars and storage.

4 – Install a Wet Room

An excellent option if you have a spare bathroom, a wet room represents a more unique way of approaching space. A wet room involves waterproofing a room, while removing large shower enclosures and bath tubs to have a shower head and a drain for water. Wet rooms consequently create more space, and can use screens to prevent water damage, while providing safer options compared to climbing in and out of baths and stepping out of showers.

5 – Renovate the Front of Your House

Part of your home’s value is based on first impressions made by people as they drive or walk past a property. You can enhance this value by investing time into landscaping and changing gardens at the front of your property, while also cleaning around windows and repainting or replacing window frames and doors. Paving over part of a garden can also work well if you want to add an extra parking space.

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