4 Basic Tips for Counseling Your Employee for Improper Conduct

You should have some prior idea about counseling your employee before you actually go ahead and do it. In order to have an outcome of the counseling session it is important to know few important steps and have enough confidence in yourself. It requires proper planning and thought before you try to counsel your employee over his/her improper behavior.

Address the Problem Immediately

To address the situation, it is important not to waste any time. You should stick to the facts and clearly analyze right from wrong and then you need to explain to the employee why his/her behavior may create certain issues and why it is important to change them.

Don’t be Lenient but don’t be Too Rude Either

Counseling employees for improper behavior is no easy task and most of the managers dread to do it. Usually people believe avoiding confrontation is the best way, however, attending the issue sooner than the later is what should be done. If there is something wrong done by someone and he or she knows it, then they also know that you know it as well. Not taking any action will portray you as a weak leader in front of employees and few of them may also take you for granted in future. Above, the longer you avoid address the problem, the more complicated it will get to brings things back to line.

Gather Information

Most of the companies require all the counseling sessions to be well documented, so it is imperative that you get the facts straight. Note down all the facts that you have seen and gather more credible information about the event from your trusted sources. That being said, you should never reprimand any of your employees based on just second hand information. Don’t indulge in acquisitions unless you have the facts with you. If you are counting on information coming from a different source, request that source to give his/her statement in writing. Apart from gathering the facts, it is equally important that you elaborate how certain actions of an employee have negative impacts on the business or organization.

Defining the Steps to Address the Problem

Now it is important that you clearly define the steps that should be taken to correct the problem. After getting all the facts in your hand, you should document your entire discussion with the employee. The documentation can include various facts, date of events, nature or type of event, the names of everyone involved directly or indirectly and lastly the steps that employee should take to correct his or her mistake within a stipulated timeframe. Make a separate copy of the counseling session and then date and sign the documentation and ask the employee to date and sign the document too.

Always Take a Look at the Background Check Report

Most of these kinds of issues can be greatly avoided if a company diligently checks the background report of an employee before hiring him/her. A lot of the companies make recruitments quickly to increase their workforce and overlook the important aspect of checking employee’s history. All big companies, however, consider this as one of the most important tasks of their recruitment process and they make sure every candidate is well scanned before their join their company.

Hence, even the small to mid-size businesses must not ignore the importance of background check process.

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